Sharp and accurate

Simple to use

Reports in a click



Dry Eye Analyzer

Perceptive and Precise

  • Mei-bomian gland quantitative segmentation and automatic computation of the missing proportion areachieved by an advanced artificial intelligence method.
  • AI grades every exam, and medical professionals can examine and edit the analysis’s findings.

Easy to Operate

  • Strealmined software workflow
  • One click to generate reports
  • Automatically identify the left and right eye
  • Auto magnification and light switching according to inspection mode

Produce Reports with Just One Click

  • There are numerous report templates at your disposal
  • To automatically produce the inspection reports, simply click once.

Extended-Duration Monitoring

  • Possess all previous inspection photos and findings for simple comparison
  • Better monitoring of disease progressment

Meibomian gland area lost as a ratio: 6%

Grade: Level 1

  • Grade 0 (normal): no gland loss
  • Grade 1 (mild): gland loss area < 1 / 3
  • Grade 2 (moderate): gland loss area between
  • 1/3 to 2/3
  • Grade 3 (severe): gland loss area > 2 / 3

Inspection mode

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