Indirect Ophthalmoscopes

OPI - 2



Indirect Ophthalmoscope

OPI-2 is a Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope that provided great ophthalmic imaging, quick, simple and easy to use

Simple PD adjustment

Simple headband adjustment

Simple PD adjustment

  • Lightweight, comfortable headband with rotary crown and nape adjustment

  • Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery system, head mounted for convenience and balance and including class-leading performance
  • Hign Quality LED illumination — reliable light source providing the best image possible •Cost-effective – blown-bulbs are a thing of the past and running costs are reduced •Rotary dial aperture adjustment; large spot / medium spot / large polarized / medium polarized / green (red-free) / cobalt blue
  • Sliding PD adjustment
  • Illumination beam adjustment +/- 15°, left or right handed
  • Headband mounted brightness control
  • Dust-proof, multi-coated optics
  • Includes wall mounted charger, training mirror and 20D lens optional

4 selectable apertures

  • Large spot, for the largest possible view of the fundus with fully dilated pupils

  • Medium spot, for children and light sensitive patients

  • Small spot, for non-dilated pupils
  •  Diffuser                                                                  

5 Filters suitable to work on all apertures

  • Cobalt Blue for fluorescein examinations

  • Yellow for light sensitive patients

  • Green for red free differentiation of vessels
  • Clear for normal examinations

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